Picture of Cheese dump prank
As you can gather from the title, this prank obviously involves cheese dumping.  It is very simple (as the best pranks are) but hilarious -- and, I admit, maybe a little bit cruel.  But hey, that's what pranks are all about!!! 

This fantastically funny prank can be done at practically any restaurant, or you can do it at home.  Your choice.
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Step 1: The stuff you need:

Picture of The stuff you need:
Only two (that's right -- TWO) things are needed:

1.  A container holding that powdery parmesan cheese (found in many restaurants, especially pizza joints).

2.  A victim (if that counts as a "thing you need").

Step 2: Plant the prank:

Picture of Plant the prank:
Now all you need to do is unscrew the lid of the cheese container and place it on top loosely.  The victim will not notice the change (until a little bit later -- bwahahaha).  So brilliantly simple...

Now just sit back and enjoy your pizza, and wait for the victim to go for the parmesan cheese.

Step 3: The DUMP:

Picture of The DUMP:
Does it need explaining?  The target wants a little more flavor on his food, grabs the cheese, and PLOP!!!  Want some pizza with that cheese, Steve?

NOTE:  If desired, any substance (such as salt, pepper, etc.) may be used as long it's in a container with an unscrewable lid.

Hope you like the prank!

i will love it

ninjacow2584 years ago
Love it :D!! Too bad none of my friends like to use the shakers that much *sigh*
Mr. Jake (author) 4 years ago
If you don't mind, any rating or vote would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for looking and have fun with this prank!