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Super easy, very fast and delicious!

Cut the carrots in slices.
Cut cheese in sices.
Put the cheese slices on top of the carrot slices.

Enjoy this healthy and amazing snack!!!

Some people feels weird when they see it, but please try it before judging and you will not regreat it!!!


Kozmicblues69 (author)2016-03-18

Good idea, I will try it!

you liked it?

Kozmicblues69 made it! (author)Penguin___Lover2016-03-31

Yes, I love it! I would like to try it with a different kind of cheese because the one I used wasn't the best. Which kind of cheese did you use? Thanks for sharing it :)

mmm I don't know how to describe the cheese, but it is nice with almost all of them... also i love cheese so my opinion may not be fair xd
Try it with differents cheeses and figure out the one you love the most and then share it with everyone : D

Kozmicblues69 made it! (author)Penguin___Lover2016-04-01

Today I tried it with Gruyère and it rocks! ( I also learned how to cut the carrots XD) Thanks for the idea, I will share this with everybody :) Thanks again!

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