Make your own cheeseburger dress at fast food prices! Unlike that fancy crocheted hamburger dress (admittedly the inspiration for this one), all you need to make this dress are basic sewing skills and items found cheaply, easily and locally.

Step 1: Materials and Supplies

You will need:
- a long tan camisole (Since this will become a dress, make sure it comes down to at least the middle of your hips. Also, err on the side of it being slightly too large as it will have to go over your hips entirely in the end.)
- felt* in white, yellow, red, and green (or, as my craft store called it, 'pirate')
- brown fleece* (for texture), or any other brown fabric you have lying around
- tan or white puffy paint
- scissors, needle, thread, and preferably a sewing machine**

*Fleece and felt will not make you look svelte. They will make a great looking burger, though.

**You can substitute a glue gun for the needle and thread if you don't trust your sewing abilities, are in a hurry, or enjoy stiff, inflexible seams. You can also substitute duct tape in various colors for all of the materials if you are a big Red Green fan.
This would be perfect at a Jimmy Buffett concert......&quot;I like mine with lettuce and tomatoes, Heinz 57 and french fried potatoes, big kosher pickle and a cold draft beer, GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY, which way do I steer for my Cheesburger in Paradise.&quot;<br>
Really creative<br>
Really creative<br>
Really creative<br>
Looks delicious! The dress looks pretty cool, too :D
OMG!!!! This is the best idea ever i would wear this all the time!!! But people would probally think im <strong>CRAZY!!!!</strong> But i dont care :D Good, scratch that, <strong>GREAT!!!! </strong>Idea!!! ^.^
There was a joke forming in my head about sticking my meat in some buns.... but then I&nbsp;got hungry.
Cute!&nbsp; Nice idea to cut the camisole!<br />
cool!&nbsp;I was a hamburger for halloween last year too, though not as creative..I&nbsp;just glued felt onto cardboard and wore it around my neck.<br /> <br /> <br />
AWESOME! This is so frickin cool. Seriously. If you were pro, you'd be patched.
Thanks <sup>.</sup> I wish I were pro, but that's not where I should be spending money right now.<br/>
Yeah, I want to be pro, but I don't have paypal and my parents sure as heck won't pay for it :D
O.k sooooooooo why and where would you where this i,m sorry but what made you think of looking like a burger? maybe good idea for halloween someone could go as ronald and you could go as the burger.
I entered this in the 2008 Halloween contest, but it was featured in March 2009. I have a link in the introduction to the dress that inspired this one.
Awesome well good work Im not very good at making yet even trying to attempt making anything keep up the great work.
you are tasty
Hold the pickles, hold the lettuce, special orders don't upset us.....
so... the 90's are back in town? : ) very unique!
I would suggest making the straps thicker.
Not a bad idea, but I was going for the cheapest shirt I could find in roughly the right length and color.
That is hilarious!! I love your sesame seeds!
Makes me want to eat a delicious burger. Yum. Nicely done. +5/5 stars.
Thanks! I was surprised with how nicely it turned out, and the first comment is always the most encouraging.

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