I decided to throw a party for my friends the other day. The idea was that I was going to provide as many cheeseburgers as they could eat, but anything else they wanted they had to bring themselves. This resulted in my making an absurd amount of cheeseburgers from scratch, but I documented the whole process and the pictures turned out nice so I thought this would be a good icebreaker for my first Instructable. 

I'm not all that conventional when it comes to food.  I do things that often take too much time and generally don't save me any money, like making things from scratch and sourcing the best quality ingredients for the recipes and meals that I make, but in the end the food speaks for itself and I think some of my friends just enjoyed the best hamburgers of their life.

What you will need:
-Beef Sirloin or round roast or blade roast or any mix of them
-Pork butt or shoulder
-Seasonings to your taste (Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, salt pepper, granulated garlic, etc..) 

-Meat grinder

Step 1: Your Meat

I got my meat from a store that procures local meat I was happy with the freshness and the price. The difference in this and regular hamburger is significant in price (apx. $7/lb vs $2/lb regular ground beef), but the result is undeniably superior quality.

For the best burgers you want fairly fatty cuts such as sirloin or blade, but you can tweak with your flavours by adding some stronger flavoured cuts in as well such as flank or anything you would usually stew with.  I also use pork shoulder or butt in my burgers, it's not necessary but it's part of what makes my burgers the best I think.

I like a ratio of 3:1, beef:pork

a lot of work but those burgers sure look tasty!
Awesome. You could enter this in the <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Scoochmaroo-Challenge-Fathers-Day/">Father's Day Challenge</a>!
Looks tasty! Also, sprouts are amazing on burgers.
Looks good. Never thought of putting pork in a burger before - we do this with meat balls - i'll try it. <br> <br>Over here, we have Heston Blumenthal - a Michelin starred molecular gastronomy chef. He makes burgers by carefully collecting the strands of meat coming out of the grinder, piling them up in parallel on cling film. He then wraps the meat up tight, refrigerates, and then makes patties by slicing through the roll of ground meat. This way, the strands of meat are all aligned vertically through the burger as you bite through it. <br> <br>It works!
Wow! You are a burger making machine. <br /> <br />Do you season the meat at all?
I'm pretty liberal with garlic powder, soy sauce and Worcestershire

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