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It's a cheeseburger that's good for you because it's a salad!

I mean, salad is ok, but it's not very filling.  Cheeseburgers are good, but they're not very healthy.  What's a person to do?!  The answer, once considered, is obvious.  Marry the best of both worlds with this ultimate cheeseburger salad - the best thing to happen to salad since croutons and Baco-s* bacon bits.

This recipe came about as a result of creating the Hamburger guide.  I was joking with Randofo about what I could contribute to it, and decided on a cheeseburger salad.  Not a salad with cheese and hamburger, a la taco salad, but a salad with tiny islands of crouton-like cheeeburgers. 

I did not know Rachel Ray had done it first.  She is obviously a genius, and I'm pleased that we have the same ideas about food.  But there's nothing as frustrating as finding out your idea was scooped. . . two years before you thought of it.

My recipe was only slightly different, but this is my Instructable, so you're getting that one, and I hope you enjoy the technique pictures that Rachel Ray obviously does not love you enough to provide.

*Bacon bits would take this salad to the extreme, and I can't believe I didn't think about it until now.  Bacon Cheeseburger Salad, please. Yes, thank you.

Step 1: Ingredients

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Pretty much you want to make your favorite hamburger recipe, add your favorite cheese, and then make up your favorite salad.  A mustard vinaigrette far outshines a ketchup one, trust me.  Honey mustard is my preference.

My favorite cheeseburgers are made with:
  • 1 lb minced beef
  • 1/2 small chopped onion
  • Worcestershire or steak sauce to taste
  • Steak seasoning (or salt & pepper) to taste + a dash (I always like more than I think I will)
  • CHEESE!  I used a sharp Irish cheddar
  • 1 lb beef
  • 1/2 packet onion soup mix (yum!!)
the last recipe is like my favorite meatloaf but without the ketchup and breadcrumbs

My salad consisted of:
  • Chopped Romaine lettuce
  • Tiny tomatoes
  • Chopped yellow pepper
  • Pickles, cause I love burgers with pickles!

I looked up a mustard vinaigrette which went a little something like this:
  • 1/4 cup mustard (I prefer honey mustard)
  • 3T vinegar - I used apple cider for its mellow sweetness, but balsamic would be a good choice too
  • 1/2 cup olive oil
  • Salt and pepper
This recipe would also taste great with French or Catalina dressing!

Step 2: Make Tiny Burger Patties

Picture of Make Tiny Burger Patties

Assemble the ingredients of your favorite hamburger.
Shape burger into tiny balls and flatten them.

Wasn't that fun and easy?!

Step 3: Fry Into Tiny Cheeseburgers

Picture of Fry Into Tiny Cheeseburgers

Preheat a pan over med-high heat. 

Fry those little guys for about 3 min. per side.  Don't skimp here unless you love rare burgers.  Then skimp.

Slice your cheese into tiny-cheeseburger-sized pieces, and apply to tiny burgers.

Put a lid on your pan to help them get nice and melty.

Once cooked, drain those babies on some paper towel or your salad will get gree-see!

Step 4: Make Salad

Picture of Make Salad

Chop up your salad ingredients and assemble.

I like to to rough chop my lettuce into manageable pieces - not too small, not more than a mouthful.

Then I top the bowl of lettuce with the heavier items which could otherwise get lost altogether - sliced tomatoes, peppers, and pickles. 

Sliced onion would be great too if you're someone who likes raw onion on your burger.  You'll have plenty left from making the beef patties!

Step 5: Make Salad Dressing

Picture of Make Salad Dressing

I like to keep around empty bottles for making homemade dressing.

Mix together your ingredients and shake shake shake!

(A funnel will greatly assist in this step if you're using a small-mouthed vessel)

Step 6: Behold the Marvel of Cheeseburger Salad

Picture of Behold the Marvel of Cheeseburger Salad

Top your beautiful salad with your glorious islands of cheeseburger croutons. 

Drizzle heavily with dressing - this is no time to go light on the dressing! I mean, there are cheeseburgers in your salad!

This makes an impressive party salad, and is fun to assemble into perfect bites on your fork.  Or go total picnic-style and eat this salad with your grubby little hands.  Greazy fun for everyone!


ghicken (author)2010-05-15

turned out great, even without the cheese!

scoochmaroo (author)ghicken2010-05-19

That is crazy.  How did it go over?

ghicken (author)scoochmaroo2010-07-16

better than expected (:

AussieAnglerGal (author)2012-03-24

(its great to see so much salad in that BTW schoch!)

AussieAnglerGal (author)2012-03-24

wow hamburger salad!
i love homemade hamburgers so this must be great
(hamburger is Australian, etc for cheeseburger! LOL)

DaPope (author)2010-09-28

I've started doing this as a healthy alternative, it definitely gives you the great taste of a burger plus instead of feeling fat and guilty afterward you feel full and know you ate a bunch of veggies as well!

Reki3 (author)DaPope2011-02-13

Uh, It's actually worse than just eating a cheeseburger. It is an extremely common misconception that eating a salad or drinking a diet soda makes everything healthy, when, in fact, it makes everything much worse.

ehudwill (author)Reki32011-08-27

Just curious, How does it make everything much worse?

oneprimalscream (author)2011-07-01

I'm a vegetarian, but I know my friends and family would love this! I'll make it, but in my portion, I'll sub out mini-homemade veggie patties. This sounds so freaking awesome!

kingotho (author)2010-10-28

Awesome. Well done. Bravo.

blahlol (author)2010-06-07

looks delicious :] it looks good enough to eat in the pictures

adrian256 (author)2010-06-01

well, don't mind me, I'm just looking at the pictures and drooling...lool

ExpatCucina (author)2010-05-19

Insanely good!

scoochmaroo (author)ExpatCucina2010-05-19

What a compliment, from someone who knows her food!!

rapidprototyping (author)2010-05-17

cheeseburger cheeseburger cheeseburger

AngryRedhead (author)2010-05-12
This is one of the most horrifying and intriguing salads I've heard of.
scoochmaroo (author)AngryRedhead2010-05-12

And there's only one thing to accompany this:

AngryRedhead (author)scoochmaroo2010-05-12
What wine would you pair with that scrumptious meal?
scoochmaroo (author)AngryRedhead2010-05-13

I would suggest a dandelion wine, or anything by Boone's Farm.

FrozenStar (author)2010-05-12

That's awesome!

Now if only they had their own mini buns stuck to them with the cheese...

knexsuperbuilderfreak (author)2010-05-11

looks great! i need some

onefootout (author)2010-05-11

First we have a cheeseburger soup, now this?!   Awesome, can't wait to try this. 

scoochmaroo (author)onefootout2010-05-11

I'm considering making a pizza salad in a similar fashion.

DVOJeff (author)2010-05-11

I can't wait to add this to my Cook'n Recipe Organizer!

McMoogie (author)2010-05-11

 Make it REALLY healthy - use veggie meatballs instead!  Easier to make too.  Trader Joe's makes some delicious meatless meatballs but if you don't have a TJ's nearby, Yves makes some or else Google veggie or meatless meatbals & you'll find lots of recipes.

nickodemus (author)2010-05-11

Awesome. I've made taco salad before, but I need to try this next. The only thing better would be a cheeseburger smoothie. Wait. No that would be disgusting.

AwajiMan (author)2010-05-11

"Salad for dinner."

"I can has cheezburger?"


~Aeronous~ (author)2010-05-11

LOL this is ridicoulous!

DngrDave (author)2010-05-10

I can see this getting me to eat a vegetable!

mikeasaurus (author)2010-05-10

mmm looks tasty, they're like mini burgers in your salad!
Rreminds me of that errant cheeseburger that always breaks apart on my grill when bbq'ing, then forced to eat before anyone notices.

Needs more bacon! :)

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