please check out my Instructable on how to bake delicious creamcheese cupcakes with recipe and directions!

Step 1: Prep

 - line cupcake pans with silicone cupcake liners that stand up by themselves so you can cover a cookie sheet with them.

- Once they're ready, place a whole, unbroken "Oreo" in the bottom of each one. Smash a few extras to put in the batter too!

- take cream cheese that's room temperature &beat  with an electric mixer until smooth

- slowly beat in the sugar, and vanilla

-crack the eggs into a separate bowl and lightly beat them together, add slowly into the cream cheese mixture, beating them in fully

-scrape the sides of the bowl as needed

-beat in the sour cream and salt

-smash the rest of the Oreos and stir them into the batter by hand

Nice effort on your first instructable!<br><br>They look yummy. :D<br><br>Btw, is that oven temperature suppose to be Celsius or Fahrenheit?

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