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Introduction: Cheese....please!!!

About: I'm an artist....It took me a long time to finally accept that particular monicker; but thats what I am.....AN ARTIST! I paint murals, some portraits, landscapes...what ever strikes my fancy. My fav sayin...

Our furbaby...Booboo....was super scared of storms or any bad weather. He was getting really old and going deaf and blind. The vet put him on anxiety meds. The best way to get him to take them was to roll the pill into cheese. My hubs was watching me give his meds and he said "You got my dog addicted to cheese." LOL

Used a Cricut to cut the title. Yellow card stock was used to make the cheese. I first punched the card stock using a "bubbles" border punch to create the swiss cheese look. I then cut out the triangles and distressed the edges to give more interest. I added a large square of yellow and curled one of the edges to create the look of the cheese being rolled around the pill in the picture.



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    Your furbaby and his teddy look very cute. Great layout. Good luck in the contest :)