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Introduction: Cheesy Dog Biscuits!

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Hello :)

I made these dog biscuits for Alfie's 3rd Birthday-  They were very simple and fun to make, and Alfie loved them! They are very cheap to make and made a huge batch of about 40 biscuits. I just used a small cookie cutters and a couple of larger ones. They were "Cheesy Bicuits" and rather chewy. I think this would be super for any dogs birthday.

My Grandmother actually ate one (not knowing what they were...) and said they were too dry, but rather tasty- Even if they were dog biscuits!!!!

If anyone would like a tutorial please let me know. I sadly did not take enough photos while making the batch to create a step-by-step tutorial. 

Please vote for me in the Pets Challange contest, It would mean a lot to me!

Neon Panda



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    Would dearly love to have this recipe.

    Please, at least post an ingredients list. these look like the kind of thing my pup would love. She would think she's getting spoiled by getting "people food".

    great idea! but i hope that with ''cheesy biscuits'' you don't mean that there's cheese in the recipe (i'm italian that's why i'm not sure, maybe it just means something else) because i know that it's toxic to dogs!

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    cheese is not toxic for dogs. but just like humans, some dogs can be lactose intolerant..

    Thank-you! =]
    And yes, Cheesy does mean "cheese"
    As far as I know very few dogs get stomach upset from cheese, and that most dogs were fine with it, including mine. :)
    There was only a small amount of cheese in the biscuits.I would obviously recommend not using cheese in the biscuits if your dog has reacted to other dairy products. I hope this helps :)

    Neon Panda

    I will try and do a step-by-step recipe for you asap :) x