Step 2: Cutting the Potatoes

Peal and cut the potatoes as it is usually done for french fries. It's nice to keep the sliced potatoes long and thin, so cut the potatoes horizontally.
Keep the sliced potatoes on a bowl or pot filled with water while you prepare the other ingredients.
can i use frozen uncooked fries?
<p>Sure, you can.</p>
i surely will try making this recipe ?
I made these the other day and they taste soooo good
Thanks for following my recipe! glad you like it :)
so cool <br>
These Look delicious.. I probably might add a bit of Oregano, and Chilly Flakes to it, in the Batter mode, and then coat the strips, and then Fry.. Might add a zing to it..
Thanks! your recipe sounds great as well! thanks for sharing :)
You're Welcome
Made me hungry! <br>I don't eat French fries or chips very often but when I do they've got to be cooked in beef dripping or lard, same as pancakes though with pancakes just a wiping of the hot pan is enough lard. <br>You just don't get the flavour with oils that you do with lard and as I say I don't eat chips, - French fries in the U.S.A but not quite chips. <br>Good recipe though.
OK, I realize you come from somewhere but you say '1/4 tbs salt.&quot; You have got to use American cooking conventions here. Teaspoon is &quot;tsp.&quot; Tablespoon is &quot;tbsp&quot; I think. We don't usually divide tablespoons into quarters; 1/3 of a tablespoon = 1 tsp.
Er no we dont have to use American &quot;cooking conventions&quot; or standards for anything in here. The majority of the world uses milligrams, grams, kilograms and tonnes, millimetres, centimetres, metres and kilometres. Some may choose to add other units as a courtesy to save you having to convert. Any abbreviation for teaspoons or whatever that are acceptable and understandable are fine to use. As for the number of teaspoons in a tablespoon it depends on where you are which is why we tend to measure in millilitres here. In America and Canada: 3 (5 ml) teaspoons = 1 tablespoon (15 ml). In Australia and the UK: 4 (5 ml) teaspoons = 1 tablespoon (20ml). <br>
Extremely sorry! I meant tablespoon. you need to add a bit of salt just for taste, so I used 1/4 tbs (but missed the 'p' and it was a silly typing mistake!).
OK, and how did you measure a quarter of a tbsp? I can't do it.
If you can't measure a 1/4 tbsp then simply add a small amount of salt. 'salt for taste' means adding a small amount of salt to reduce bitter flavors and make other flavors pop, it definitely doesn't mean that we're looking for a salty flavor.
Well, you don't *have* to use American measurements here (after all, you understood exactly what she meant :). <br> <br>Also, while we're talking &quot;to taste&quot; and I can't imagine it's critical here (as it might be for something like heavier spices or baking powder), 1/4 isn't the same as 1/3. If a recipe in an American cookbook actually needs 1/4 tbs, then that is the way they'll write it. <br> <br>(And, per Wikipedia, &quot;it is abbreviated as T, tb, tbs, tbsp, tblsp, or tblspn&quot;, so as long as it's either a cap or you get the &quot;b&quot; in there, you're pretty much cool. :)
No: we seem to understand this differently! I THINK she means teaspoon. And we do not divide tablespoons into fractions, never seen such measures. And can't salt to taste this early in the recipe.<br>
(oh, and I have seen 1/4 or 1/2 *T* listed, but only when a very precise amount is needed and rounding to the nearest teaspoon won't work.)
Ah, yeah, that would make a difference. <br> <br>1/4 teasp is an *awfully* small amount, though, especially for potatoes. (And I was going with the &quot;to taste&quot; from the ingredient list, you're right about the steps.)
You don't identify the potatoes used but debate is furious over Yukon Gold vs. other varieties. Main thing is, you're not using red potatoes.
Any kind of floury potato with a dry texture is great for chips (or fries if you will) - King Edwards, Maris Piper, Romano, Desir&eacute;e, russet Burbank potatoes, bintke or spunta potatoes. And yes tbs is a perfectly valid abbreviation and I have seen 1/4 of one used in a recipe before. You just seemed really intent on picking on every little detail of this recipe. Just in case you weren't sure one should use an oil than can sustain a high temperature without smoking.
I used yukon gold but I think you can try this recipe with other types as well.
I want to make these on chili night and have chili cheese fries. &lt;3 They look so good.
Thanks! glad to know :)
Sounds awesome. What temperature should the oil be at? Thanks!
Medium heat is perfect for potato fries, it's 325&deg;F to 374&deg;F. No problem!
Here, I use Parmesan and also add freshly ground black pepper to the batter, then sprinkle with more Parm when they're done and finish with a very fine drizzle of truffle oil. Mmmmmm.
Sounds delicious! I'll try :)
Thanx for all the great ideas !
You're welcome! :D
How about adding some chipotle chilli flakes to the cheese mix..? <br>
Sounds great! give it a try :)
I will try this
Yummm! Now I'm really hungry!=P
ohh, you should try this!
They look extremely good, but you should definitely replace your cutting board.
Thanks! yap, already did, that was the last use of it! :)
Mmm cheese. Can you taste the cheese well in this recipe?
yes, to get a better taste of cheese you can sprinkle more grated cheese after frying.
I have to try them.... They look so tasty
Thanks! let me know if you like'em :)
Wow...They look mouth watering :).
Thanks! they really are :)
Yummm! Now I'm really hungry!=P
Haha, thanks! you should try some :)
they look very tasty!
They do! thanks :D
Wow these sound amazing. :D I think I might need to give them a try!
They're really tasty! Thanks :)

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