Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant Minecraft





Introduction: Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant Minecraft

A great view of Unit 3. Ventilation tower is clearly seen with the famed Unit 4 tucked behind it.

Step 1: Units 1 and 2

From aerial view units one and two can be seen. A tall ventilation tower stands in between them, and water storage drums lay on the grass next to the sky walk leading from the turbine hall to the refueling center.

Step 2: Unit 3 and Unit 4 With 1986 Covering

Here we can see the new roof installed on unit 3 (left) in 1989, and the sarcophagus that is draped over unit 4. The unit 4 sarcophagus was constructed in 1986 by volunteers immediately after the accident.

Step 3: Other Cool Photos

On the left picture we have the unit 3-4 ventilation chimney against the night sky. In the middle I have a nice shot of unit 2, and on the right is a picture of the actual power plant.



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    Amazing, but is there anyway I can build something like this too?

    Amazing, but is there anyway I can build something like this too?

    Such world edit, many wow

    This is very impressive.

    Can you elaborate on your motivation to make this model? Was it just for fun, or for some other reason?

    just for fun-it was me and some other people.

    Awesome can you guys pls put this in a role playing service