Cherry Limonade, A heart healthy drink that may help with weight loss

Picture of Cherry Limonade, A heart healthy drink that may help with weight loss
Those of you who follow me know I don't have the healthiest diet, that hasn't TOTALLY changed but I am trying to eat and be healthier. I quit smoking about 15 months ago after being hospitalized for more than two weeks with pneumonia and was also diagnosed to have an enlarged heart which is also know as congestive heart failure. Along with stopping smoking I also had to limit my salt intake and use of caffiene so I cut way back on coffee and switched from coke to ginger ale, that wasn't that difficult but to replace the cigarettes I was going through a bag of hard candy every day or 2 and got hooked on cheese crackers and I ballooned to 270 lbs! I went on a semi- diet about a month ago (just before the christmas holiday) and even with cheating I'm down to 245lbs! This drink isn't the only reason but it's pne of the primary ones
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Step 1: Whats in it?

Picture of whats in it?
The quart bottles are a flavored sparkling water with no calories or sodium that are available in the soda or water section of most supermarkets.
bottled water\
 Powdered ginger
 sriracha sauce
 apple cider vinegar
 lemon juice
 diet water flavorents

Step 2: Why powdered ginger?

Picture of why powdered ginger?
Ginger is known to help you feel full so you don't eat as much, it also helps prevent fat from being absrbed by stimulating your pancreas and it helps move food through your digestive tract