Cherry Pie Inside a White Cake




Introduction: Cherry Pie Inside a White Cake

Normally I would bake everything from scratch, but wanted to test the waters to see if this is something I would like to make again.
I got the idea from a Cherpumple, which is an apple in white cake, pumpkin in spice cake and cherry pie in either a chocolate or vanilla cake, all stacked on top of each other and then frosted. This make a mile high piece of cake, with about 1800 calories, but this was intended for Thanksgiving and we probably eat over 5000 calories when the day is done.

I have seen two cakes done and they have named it Pumpple

So I tried this cherry pie inside a white vanilla cake and topped it with cream cheese frosting and it was yummy.
Im going to call it Cherake! lol
The only problem that I had was getting the middle of the top of the cake to cook, so will have to work on it..This is how it looks and it was really yummy.  So since this was my first I have learned a little how to do this..Hopefully it will be prettier next time.



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