Picture of Cherry Pie
Usually when I get bored I crochet random amigurumi creatures but this time was different. I was bored and hungry so the result was crocheting a pie. This was the second thing I have free formed (besides hats) and I'm pretty pleased with it. Now if only I could eat it too...
Hmmm needs a pie pan but still awesome ;)
emilycreates (author)  AppalachiaAngel3 years ago
Haha yeah I thought about that but I didn't have the right color for one.
Nice job! It looks great.
emilycreates (author)  Wonderlandknitter4 years ago
Thank you! :)
copilarim4 years ago
it looks like a tasty pie!! Are you sure it's not eatable?:)
emilycreates (author)  copilarim4 years ago
Unfortunately not. I wish it was though. :P