We love fresh no-spray cherries from the farmer's market, and nothing is more fun than popping one in your mouth and having pit-spitting contests with the kids.

But what do you do if your wife buys a boatload of cherries to make pies and you don't have a cherry pitter? Send her to Instructables.com...What do you mean there's nothing?...Did you try cherry?...Did you try pitter?....Nothing? GASP?!

So, this is how I set out to make her a cherry pitter on a Sunday afternoon with only the items I had available to me in my junk boxes and shed. As it turns out most of the available equipment was bathroom themed so hence the name Cherry Pitter a la Commode.

This actually works rather well and my wife claims that it made her job of pitting the cherries a heck of a lot easier. The original design didn't work out but I revised one small detail and it probably turned out better in the end. I have annotated the pictures where there appears to be an extraneous part here and there.

I hope this gives others some ideas on how to make a better emergency cherry pitter.

Step 1: Starting Materials and Equipment

(1) - 1/2 inch Sch. 40 PVC (~1-2 ft piece)
(1) - 1/4 inch OD (3/16 inch ID) Copper tubing cut to slightly longer length than the pop-up drain pull rod(~1-2 ft piece)

(1) - Plunger/pull rod part of a bath lavatory sink pop-up drain assembly.
(1) - Plastic spring-action toilet paper holder
(2) - ~1/16 inch thick, 3/8-1/2 inch wide plastic straps (I used ones that came as part of my children's toy packaging)
(2) - Strong short rubber bands (I used the bands that came

Marking device (sharpie, crayon, etc)
Tubing cutter (recommended over a hacksaw or PVC cutter because it reduces the ID of the PVC tub slightly)
Dremel tool (also could substitute drill and files)
Drill + 1/4 inch drill bit (you could probably use your Dremel also)

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