Chess Set From Bolt and Co.





Introduction: Chess Set From Bolt and Co.

For Xmas I tried to build and not buy gifts for my friend. So I used some bolt to build chess pieces and some simple wood for the chessboard.
I had troubles making rusty the "black" pieces, while the "white" ones are untouched.
I also did a big mistake: the square of the chessboard are too small for that pieces, but I think that the result is good.
I hope you enjoy.

IT: Per natale ho provato a construire e non a comprare i regali per i miei amici. Così ho usato alcuni bulloni per creare i pezzi degli scacchi e del semplice legno per la schacchiera.
Ho avuto alcuni problemi per arrugginire i pezzi "neri", mentr i bianchi sono intoccati.
Inoltre ho fatto un'enorme errore: i quadrati della scacchiera sono piccoli per i pezzi, ma penso che il risultato sia buono.
Spero vi piaccia.



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    Looks great! Maybe look into castle bolts for the rooks, though. They literally have the shape of the the part of a rook. I was thinking of doing this as well, but you beat me to the punch...nice touch with the acorn nuts as bishops.

    Thank you!

    C'mon, try and post some photos!

    Very nice!

    Would you mind listing how each peice is made? (It is hard to see in the photos)

    I'm italian so i don't know the specific name of that pieces...
    Let me try.
    - Pawns: 8*30 mm bolt, simple hex (x 16)
    - Knight: 8*30 mm bolt, wing (upside down), simple hex (x 4)
    - Bishop: 8*40 mm bolt, circle (it is the right name?), simple hex, cap (or acorn) (x 4)
    - Rook: 8*40 mm bolt, simple hex, simple hex, nylon locking (x 4)
    - Queen: 8*40 mm bolt, circle, simple hex, simple hex, circle, wing (x 2)
    - King: 8.40 mm bolt, circle, simple hex, circle, simple hex, nylon locking (x 2).

    So: 20 8*30 mm bolt, 12 8*40 mm bolts, 40 8 mm hex, 6 8mm wings, 12 circle, 4 8mm cap, 6 8mm nylon locking.