Introduction: Chess Piece Flash Drives - Pictures

Picture of Chess Piece Flash Drives - Pictures

Pictures of laser-cut okoumé wood parts being prepped to make chess piece flash drives.


mh76dk (author)2012-02-03

These are interresting (despite me having zero interrest in chess) but I do see the posibillity for a couple of improvements;

Make the USB connecter so it can dissapear into the body of the piece, and make the piece rounded (or with a foot of kinds) so it can stand and even be used for a real game. (I suppose making a chessboard USB hub with 64 female USB connectors would be overkill, but its a fun idea too :)

Deslivres (author)mh76dk2012-02-03

Hey mh76dk, thanks for the comment !

These are both great ideas, and I must say having a USB hub in the shape of a chess set, even if it's only 2*2 with 4 chess pieces for decorative purposes, would be pretty awesome :) I'd also have to make sure the USB connectors are more centered instead of being a little off-center like these are. Plenty of things to look forward to in 2.0 !

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