Picture of Chess set - I MADE IT AT TECH SHOP DETROIT!

1. Walnut
2. Maple
3. MDF or some sort of backing board
4. Wood Glue
5. Clamps

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Step 1: Mill Rough Cut Lumber

Picture of Mill Rough Cut Lumber
Using the plainer and joiner/table saw, mill the rough cut lumber in to the following...

Maple= 5X 16"W x 1.5"L: x .5"H

Walnut = 4X 16"W x 1.5"L: x .5"H

Step 2: Laminate Wood

Picture of Laminate Wood
Place the wood in an alternating pattern and proceed to laminate wood with wood glue and clamps as shown.  Save the 5th piece of maple for the next step.

Step 3: Rip Cut

Picture of Rip Cut
Using the spare piece of maple, set the saw but on the table saw to the exact width of the pieces.  Rip cut the laminated board into 8 even pieces.  

Step 4: Flip and Relaminate

Picture of Flip and Relaminate
Alternate the pieces to make a checkerboard pattern. re-laminate the wood as done in step two.  Be very careful to make sure that the pieces line up.

Step 5: Sand and Finish

Picture of Sand and Finish
Beautiful chess board! A "chess set" is actually the pieces, not the board, though, so you might want to change the title.
Kiteman2 years ago
You really ought to use the "finished" image as your introduction image!
thaanks! you did a great job with this, but I have to agree with Kiteman - that last photo would make a great intro image.