Chess tables are fascinating but expensive objects.
I wanted to build such a table, with tournament proportions, which could alternatively be used as a coffee table too.
In addition, I didn't want to spend too much time on it, and had no woodworking tools with me at the time !

So I started looking for reusable materials, and ended up with this little table.
Here is how it was done ...

PS: English is not my mother tongue, so I apologize if things are not always clear.

Step 1: Materials

You will need:

- A sturdy cardboard square box (about 60cm width , 20cm height).
Mine came from a famous Swedish furniture shop :p

- Thick (0.5mm) colored construction paper for the chessboard. You will obviously need two colors.
You should have enough paper to cut 32 (5cm x 5cm) squares of each color.
I found sheets of white and black paper in a hobby shop

- A square (40cm) plexiglas sheet.
I found mine (and had it cut to size) in a poster shop.

- A square (40cm) of thin cardboard
Choose the cardboard so that its thickness added to the plexiglas thickness is inferior to the box's thickness.

- PVA glue

- Newspapers

- Black paint

- Lacker

I don't have the prices for the materials, but none of them are really expensive.
<p>See this video <a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w10rqzUGKBM" rel="nofollow">How to Recycle your old Tire into a DIY Golden Table</a></p>
<p>Your amazing thanks!</p><p>IM doing this right away!</p><p>p.s I only did this just to show i love chess so much</p>
What a great way to recicle material, and save some money!<br /> And the options are endless.<br /> Congrats!<br /> A.
Nice Instructable!! Looks great!
Thanks ;) It did shine pretty nicely ... Parting with it was not an easy thing to do :(
Why on earth did you have to part with it?&nbsp;:(
English is not your first language? A reader would never suspect it was not! Your instructable is excellent and very creative! Way to go!
Very nice end result. if you wanted it to look even more clean then you could use a matte paint and a spray clear coat.
The instant I get some suitable boxes, I'm making this! If only I had chess pieces! Good pictures and directions!
Chess pieces at your request.<br/><br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.diynetwork.com/diy/cr_toys_games/article/0,,DIY_13781_5466188,00.html">DIY.com</a><br/>
to tell you it is exspensive to make a chest board table imagine how this cedar table was made in my carpenters shop by a guy i worked with resently ....all the materials were was 1 1/2 inch finishing nails glue and poly. coating and cedar wood 10ft boards my boss got 12 stacks for a bout 1.60 a board us. matter a fact this whole room is made of cedar minus a few items here and there and you may be thinking its a bed room your only half right this is a boat bedroom for the owner of the boat company and that is on a river push boat ...yes that is a electric fire place with cedar trim
I think it looks awesome with just the newspaper! just seal it with some mod podge!
Good idea! Maybe using themed paper, like ... chess magazines in that case? ;)
Wow, this is great! I might do this when I get the chance!
It looks like the real thing! You saved me 300$!
Yay ! Glad I could help !
Sweet! A clever idea, nicely documented.
Thank you ! I wish I were clever enough to actually play chess as well as this table deserves ;)
Umm... looks to me like you have PLENTY of cleverness! Don't worry about being not "clever enough" for anything else. :-)
Wow, that's insane! Impressive, very impressive, at first I thought this had to do with a lot of wood and everything. This is so great, if I can get a huge box, I will do this. Probably not for chess, but for other stuff, but wow, this is <em>awesome</em>.<br/>+1 rating.<br/>(added to favorites)<br/>
I am very impressed with your resourcefulness! I never would have thought to use papier mache like this. Very nice instructable, and hilarious pun! :-)
Hehe ... <br/>Papier mache is just wonderful, if you can stand having dried glue all over you !<br/>I remember doing a Starship Trooper &quot;arachnid&quot; once ... all in papier mache on a cardboard structure.<br/>It was a present for a friend who didn't like (for some reason) tearing open presents wrappings ... <br/>The funny thing (not for him) was that the present was *inside* the bug, and he had to literally &quot;gut it&quot; to get the present !<br/><br/>Hey, I even have a few pics !<br/>
Sweet! You should do a slideshow.
THATS AMAZING!!! i love starship troopers
1) Your English is fine. Easily understood 2) A fine instructable 3) A BAD pun.
I enjoyed the pun, too!
Thx. ... and I can never resist a bad pun ... sorry :p
Nice, cheap an easy! Im working on my own chess project at the moment, its great to see some fresh takes on things. (ps you english is better than mine - and im english!)
Thanks :) I actually had to give the table away before leaving Sweden (where I only stayed one year, but found a way to feel crafty anyway) I will surely repeat the experience, and build another table in a similar fashion. I'm curious to see your version of a chess table !!!
well its gonna be a bit of an hybrid- but basically its gonna have a detachable board. so it can be used as a normal chess set. and also when in table form it will be just for chess as it wont support drinks etc.

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