Introduction: Chest 6" (opening)

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A pretty simple 6" opening chest.

Shown here with eight 2-3/4" opening chests and a 1-1/4" opening chest.

Step 1: Nesting Chests/blocks

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You can easily nest eight 2-3/4" chests/blocks inside the 6" opening chest.

You can also easily nest eight 1-2/5" chests/blocks inside each 2-3/4" opening chest.

This means you can store 64 1-1/4" chests/blocks inside each 6" opening chest.

Step 2: Printing and Folding

Picture of Printing and Folding

You'll need to print 3 copies of A-B, 1 copy of C, and 1 copy of D-E.

Fold along the dashed lines. Cut slits where indicated on C and D.

Glue the brown flaps indicated with the blue arrows (this just gives a little stiffness around the opening of the chest when it is assembled). Make sure to not glue where you cut the slit on C (or you won't be able to tuck the latch in).

Don't glue the white tabs yet.

Step 3: Assembling

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Assemble the top by gluing three A's to D.

Assemble the bottom by gluing three B's to C.

Attach the bottom and the top by gluing each to E (glue E on the inside of the top and bottom).

Step 4: All the Pieces

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seamster (author)2014-12-05

Very nice! These kind of look minecraft-y. Was that the intention? Pretty cool stuff!

Phillipp (author)seamster2014-12-05

Yep. My son is really into Minecraft, but has been spending too much time on the computer. Papercraft Minecraft was a good tradeoff - I just needed somewhere to store all the cubes - this seemed like a pretty good solution.

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