Anyone who's had a couple of successes with home brewing will quickly grow tired of bottling 5 gal batches of beer and change over to kegging. Once you start kegging you want better and better ways to ease access to your 'food of the gods' as well as ways to show off your craft. 


The Kegerator is something that's relatively easy and not too expensive to build. Especially if you already have the kegging hardware.


This is how I took a used chest freezer and made a custom beverage cooler and dispenser.

Steps 1&2 are for refurbing a freezer that is in bad shape. If you have a new one or one that's Aluminum lined just go to step 3.  

Step 1: Clean Up

Find yourself a used chest freezer. This is a 15cuft model but you can go bigger or smaller depending on what you can find. I recommend Craigslist as there are always people needing to get rid of their bulky freezer when they move.


This one was in fine working condition but did have a fair amount of surface rust on the inside so it needed to be cleaned up and repaired. 


To clean it up wash the inside with some mild detergent and a Scotchbrite pad. This should remove most of the big stuff.


Next you will want to clean up the rust spots with with a wire brush. I used a wire brush cup attached to a handheld drill. Gently clean the rust spots until you don't see rust but only shiny metal. But don't get too aggressive and start tearing all the existing paint off just hit the rusty areas.


Once you have removed all the rust wipe down the inside with a cloth with some rubbing alcohol. This way you can wet the areas to wipe them clean without introducing water to the fresh metal. Be careful when leaning into the freezer. You have a confined space with fumes in it. 

<p>i know this is three years old and you probably wont answer this but if you foam the inside of the faucet cover how do you clean the lines?</p>
When you need to clean the lines you would run some <a href="http://morebeer.com/products/llc-liquid-line-cleaner-4-oz.html" rel="nofollow">LLC</a>&nbsp;through the line and then rinse it. If you have some heavy soiling then use the LLC and a small <a href="http://morebeer.com/products/line-brush-1-48.html?site_id=5" rel="nofollow">brush</a>. This brush is about 4' long so you can clean a line up to 7' long if you disconnect and run the brush in from the keg side as well as the faucet side.&nbsp;<br> <br> If something happens where you need to completely replace the line then you would need to break the foam part apart and put in new lines. But I've not had to do that for this install.&nbsp;<br> <br> Hope this helps
So the whole wooden backboard moves when you open it as well?
The top opens like a regular chest freezer. <br><br>I have positioned it so it will balance/lean on the wall. This way you can use both hands when moving things in and out. I have added an 'open' pic to the final step that shows it open.
Ah wonderfull, such an amazing, simple, ye effecting project. i live it so much! now i need a chest freezer then i make my own hahaha.

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