Step 3: Detach Lid


Since we are going to do some serious surgery on this freezer it will be much easier to work on if we remove the lid.


To do this locate where the hinge is attached to the base of the freezer. You will find some screws holding the hinge i place.


Mark where the screws are currently located on the bracket. The loosen the screws about two turns so you can slip the hinge bracket out. 

<p>i know this is three years old and you probably wont answer this but if you foam the inside of the faucet cover how do you clean the lines?</p>
When you need to clean the lines you would run some <a href="http://morebeer.com/products/llc-liquid-line-cleaner-4-oz.html" rel="nofollow">LLC</a>&nbsp;through the line and then rinse it. If you have some heavy soiling then use the LLC and a small <a href="http://morebeer.com/products/line-brush-1-48.html?site_id=5" rel="nofollow">brush</a>. This brush is about 4' long so you can clean a line up to 7' long if you disconnect and run the brush in from the keg side as well as the faucet side.&nbsp;<br> <br> If something happens where you need to completely replace the line then you would need to break the foam part apart and put in new lines. But I've not had to do that for this install.&nbsp;<br> <br> Hope this helps
So the whole wooden backboard moves when you open it as well?
The top opens like a regular chest freezer. <br><br>I have positioned it so it will balance/lean on the wall. This way you can use both hands when moving things in and out. I have added an 'open' pic to the final step that shows it open.
Ah wonderfull, such an amazing, simple, ye effecting project. i live it so much! now i need a chest freezer then i make my own hahaha.

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