Mrs Altomic wanted to buy a new chest of drawers for our youngest.  The old ones were boring stained pine. "Challenge accepted" I screamed at her.  Puzzled,  she calmly responded "there was no challenge, I'm tired of boring stained pine." Secretly I knew she was bating me to do something with the boring stained pine chest of draws, so to retain my Alpha male status I took ownership (I'm joking, I was sick of boring stained pine)

It was only after I had removed the first draw and started work on it that I  realized  "after nearly 5 years of following instructables (and criticizing every persons instructable) that I should could now create an instructable of my own (to be criticized by others).

Before and after photos.

Step 1: Tools and Material

Tools- scissors, nail gun, sharp knife/box cutter.

You will need some material - to cover you furniture item. I chose 2 layers -felt stuff for padding and then some silk for the outside.

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