faced with having to venture under the house recently for more than one visit - entry through a small gap in the wall, under the deck and the thought off having to crawl the entire time.... I knocked up a set of wheels to take the load off..... they work rather well.

What I used;
  • 4x 7cm M10 Coach bolts, with washers and nuts (Length specific to your build)( see picture)
  • 2x M10 Coach screws (Length specific to your build)
  • 2x lawn mower wheels ( I would suggest small inflatable wheels though for better handling of uneven ground)
  • 1x Rectangle of 1.2cm Ply wood ( mine measures 50cm x 60cm x1.2cm) (picture 1)
  • 1x 80cm length of 75cm x 100cm Frame timber
  • Socket wrench, extension, and socket ( to fit your nuts)
  • 25mm spade drill bit
  • 2 large old nuts
  • 10mm wood drill
  • Hammer.
  • pen

Step 1: Cut Out

  1. Cut your 80cm length of frame timber in halve.
  2. Then by placing the short edge under the ply, and holding your a coach bolt against it - estimate approximately where its going to end. Mark with a line. (Picture 2)
  3. Take the drill and spade bit and drill to this depth + 1.5cm ( to allow for nut) at both ends of the frame timber on the short edge. (creating a counter sink so the bolts dont stick out.) (Picture 3)
  4. Place your ply sheet down on a couple of wooden blocks, and place lengths of frame timber parallel on either side about 1cm out from the edge and sighlty forward of centre.
  5. Replace the spade bit for the 10mm bit and using the centre of your first hole, now drill right through both the frame timber and ply top, to create the bolt holes. (Picture 4)
<a href="http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0057115/">The Great Escape</a> FTW!
which means?
It's a book and a movie. The POWs used chest trolleys when they were digging their escape tunnel.

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