Chevre Stuffed Grapes





Introduction: Chevre Stuffed Grapes

College Football Season is in full swing, and around my house that means guests and gatherings. I always try to have a nice tray of fruit and cheese out, paired with wines and beers. These grapes, stuffed with herbaceous goat cheese, always get attention. A unique spin on old-fashioned cheese and grapes, I hope your guests enjoy them as much as mine. This recipe makes enough to easily stuff 2 large bunches of grapes with enough chevre left over for extra dipping.


  • 2 large bunches seedless grapes (any type will do)
  • 1 4 oz package of chevre (herbed goat cheese)
  • 3-4 tbsp whole milk or cream

Helpful Gear:

Step 1: Prep Cheese

Each chevre is different in terms of moisture content. The goal here is to get the cheese into a form that is easily injectable, but not too runny that it will leak out of the grapes. In order to do this, place the chevre in a glass bowl and add 2 tbsp of milk. Stir to mix thoroughly, then check the consistency and add more milk as needed until it takes on the consistency of slightly whipped cream cheese. Fill the food syringe with a couple tablespoons of the mixture and test squeeze. If it oozes out when a fair bit of pressure is applied but doesn't shoot out fast, it is the right consistency. Fill the syringe the rest of the way with the chevre mixture.

Step 2: Stuff Em!

Using a skewer, make a hole in the grape where the stem was attached. Be careful not to poke the grape all the way through. Insert the syringe into the hole you made and squeeze, slowly removing the syringe and leaving a small dollop on the outside of the grape. Repeat until you either run out of grapes or run out of chevre.

I almost always have leftover chevre, so I squeeze it onto the plate with the grapes so that cheese lovers and dip their grapes in yet more herby awesomeness.




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Looks delicious. Thanks for sharing.