Chevrolet Volt Gun Rack





Introduction: Chevrolet Volt Gun Rack

I've been a Volt owner since the end of November.  My reasons for buying this car are simple; reduce my dependency on oil from foreign states and to support an American designed, manufactured, and powered automobile.  After driving 1100+ miles, I've only used about 2 gallons of gasoline - most of that came from driving it home from the dealership with a depleted battery.

Newt Gingrich recently claimed that you couldn't put a gun rack in the back of a Volt.  I'm here to prove that wrong.



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I redacted much of what I was going to say in response to your political statement because it's just is not worth the possible negative vibe.

Point: Nice job on the gun rack. Built an apothecary chest into the back of my 97 geo metro hatchback years ago. Little efficient cars = hardest working not-pickup-trucks ever.

Thanks! I can take criticism just fine, and I'm happy to move the conversation forward in a productive manner. Just to note, I am republican / vote libertarian.


I have an 02 Subaru Forester and that rack will be a nice addition.

Putting a gun rack in a chevy volt is like running 57's on a ford ranger

never tell an american he can't take his guns with him !

Stylish. Love it.