Chevron Bathroom





Introduction: Chevron Bathroom

Supplies:  Project Total - $75.94

Ung Drill Mirror from Ikea - $19.99
Umbra Zen Towel Ring from HomeSense -$10.00
Umbra Zen Toilet Paper Holder from HomeSense - $10.00
Behr Premium Plus Ultra Interior Paint & Primer in white from Home Depot - $23.97
Behr paint in black from Home Depot - $4.99
Red spray paint - $6.99
Painting Supplies - free as we already had some

After much debating of where to start decorating we decided to tackle the main floor bathroom first, as it is the smallest room in the house, which made it also seem the easiest. Smashing down the builder’s default tacky towel rod and toilet paper holder, we began the job of plastering and painting the room with a fresh coat of white paint.

For the chevron wall we used painter's tape lined up to carefully measured points to make our pattern, and painted the sections left uncovered by the tape in black.

The rest of the instructions can be found here:



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