One of my co-workers happens to have a Chevy HHR in the Panel Van configuration. Being a fire fighter, he got it in a nice bright red color. When my young son saw it, he noted that it looks like a big version of a kid's ride-on fire truck. An idea was born.....

Step 1: The Planning Stage.

As noted, it looks a bit like a toy fire truck, but there's something missing, something...ladder-like. And lettering, it needs some lettering.

Luckily, CPT Long is a good guy. He likes kids and quickly befriended my son when I brought The Boy to the office. With a tradition of pranks and jokes on and by the fire inspectors in the office, I felt comfortable decorating the shiny car parked out front of the Building Department. But how to do it in a non-destructive manner was the first puzzle.

Here you can see the wide expanse of panel that needs some "sprucing up". A nice little white ladder would be perfect! Conveniently located above is a luggage rack. Could a ladder be tied to this? Maybe two ladders, tied together and strung over the car like saddlebags.

For lettering, a static cling vinyl sign would be just the thing. All I need to do is find a sign maker that can do the work for a nominal fee.

I like that, but it could do with a bell or light. Still if the driver has a helmet and an axe... L
One of the belated ideas was a kid's fire helmet or two and a couple of lights, but that occured to us too late.

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