Chew Can Thumbdrive Case





Introduction: Chew Can Thumbdrive Case

About: Im Clemens Yoeckel

I made a protective case for my sandisk cruzer out of a chew can.

Step 1: Supplies

now to get the supplies

Your going to need the following:
some kind of harmless insulation foam, i used some left over acoustic foam i found.
and supper glue
optional, is you can find it, foam sheets, like 1/8" thick

Step 2: Main Body

ok now your going to construct the main body

first take the strip of foam and put it in around the wall of the can.
cut it to a good fit.

Step 3: Linings( With Foam Sheets)

if you have the foam sheets this is what you do.

ok trace out 3 circles approx. the size of the can a little smaller
although the third be a little smaller than the other two.

Now you glue the first one to the bottom of the main body of the can.
then put alot of glue on the first sheet in the lid, and glue on the third slightly smaller circle
the reason for it being smaller so it allows a good fit of the lid and body.

Step 4: Status

ok you should have the basic look of it.

now cut out slots for the thumbdrive to fit.
now glue the outside foam down to the bottom
and this is what you should have.

pic 2:
now see if the thumbdrive fits.
if not continue trimming away to make it fit.

Step 5: Your Done!

ok you have finished the project.
Make sure you let the glue dry for about 30 minutes or it might stick.



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    haha ive used that trick on my ex who was ew and i was with her bc of a party and then afterwards i felt bad for her but that trick worked wonders

    I know this was posted 2 years ago but my wife does and i have been dipping for years

    they kiss me

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    i agree if u do this then u have no where to put ure dip

    ill try and find a way to fit the chew and i dont chew my older bro gave the can to me, and the idea is to have a protective case thats creative instead of the neck one i have

    where do I put my chew then? :) Great project - interesting read!

    Cool instructable, but i suggest you cut a hole in the top so you dont have to open it every time you want to use your usb...