Chewbacca Amigurumi





Introduction: Chewbacca Amigurumi

Chewbacca stands at a little over 10 inches tall, was Crocheted using Lionbrand homespun in Barley, and was brushed to make his fur look real.

Hooksize: Size H

He was made as one piece, including arms and legs, (the only sewn piece was the belt)

The belt was made with Eco friendly felt, and the white yarn used was Vanna's Choice yarn in "Crisp White"

The eyes are simple black buttons, the pink mouth was scrap yarn, and the nose was black felt.

Pattern is not available at this time, Due to the fact that he was made freehand. ( I will try really hard to make one soon, I'm new to pattern making)
but If you are a visual person, you may be able to re-create him by looking at the step by step photos.

My reason for making him: I love Star Wars and wanted to challenge myself with an amigurumi that I had never seen before! I think it was a wonderful venture into the mad world of crochet!



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    Nice Toshiba...

     haha I didn't notice that in the picture! thanks I guess! lol

    wow- he is so awesome! great job :)

    He's great!  I didn't know the Homespun would brush out so well.  I love him!

     Neither did I, I kinda took a chance when I brushed him, I didn't know he would look like that! ^_^ thanks!

    He's cute, you should put the completed chewy image first, so it shows up on the thumbnail.