Chewing Gum Magnets





Introduction: Chewing Gum Magnets

I saw the "Stuck Up" magnets by Fred & Friends and knew I could make my own. I used Crayola's Model Magic clay (like its spongy weird texture when it is dry) and rolled it into balls, stuck a rare earth magnet in each one, and pressed it into various teeth to make it look like chewed gum. Then, I gently washed them with soap and water, let them dry then painted them with acrylic paints, and gave them several gloss coats so they would look freshly chewed. These were so much fun to make! I think the pink ones are my favorite, they look the most like gum.



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This is an adorable idea! I love how they came out, too! Very creative!

:P Looks like poop but awesome! Trick a teacher and stuff.

There is a myth about how chewing gum never digests. hehe

Something about it staying in your stomach for 8 years or something? That's what I heard, I don't believe the Myth. xP

Yuppers! One of those fun things to freak kids out with.

xD. Frozen baby poop.

Ah, yes! Baby poop too! :D