Picture of Chewing Gum USB !!
Welcome to another of my awesome USB case mods !

This case mod allows you to sneakily conceal your USB in a chewing gum packet, apart from being super-mega-awesome-cool this mod will stop all those annoying classmates who always borrow your usb, (you know, the ones that don't delete their files afterwards)
When they ask simply reach into packet and retrieve your "chewing gum" !!

This is really easy and the finished product can be achieved in around 10 min !

Hope you like it !!
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Step 1: Obtaining USB, Cardboard, Gum !

Picture of Obtaining USB, Cardboard, Gum !
Well its obvious, but for this project your probably going to need a USB
My USB had already lost its case (hence the 'ible) so i didn't need to remove one.

If your USB is still i its plastic coffin then grab a craft knife and gently pry at the edges, this will pop the little clasps, now slowly lift the top and it should also pop off.

For this 'ible you will also need a section of cardboard approximately 4 inch by 4 inch.
Surprisingly enough you will also need a pack of Chewing Gum !

Onwards to step 2 !!

Step 2: Cutting the Cardboard

Picture of Cutting the Cardboard
Ok now we have the materials we can start making the case.

Rest the Gum packet on the cardboard and using a pencil draw around it. Now remove the Gum packet and using a craft knife cut along the lines you drew

(dont cut your nice wooden desk though, if you do, using a dremel to try to buff it out DOESN'T work, it gets much, much worse) :(

Step 3: Packet Surgery

Picture of Packet Surgery
Now we have the cardboard we need to open up the packet.

We don't want to tear it open so grab a craft knife !! NOT by the SHARP bit !! oh jesus go get a plaster, and then follow the pictures for more detail.

Step 4: Dividing Forces

Picture of Dividing Forces
Now you have cut the packaging you need to size up and cut the cardboard so it will fin in the body and cap sections.
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Mixey 1015 months ago

now i need gum and have to make this , cool idea :)

canem8 months ago

Pretty cool idea !!!!

gšapkinas8 months ago

great idea

tmaus18 months ago
This is not ESD compliant hence you could zap all your files and brick it if you put in your pocket or generate any static electricity.
thaliquid tmaus18 months ago
ESD killing chips/data is actually a very very rare phenomenon and was miss understood by the PC magazine media in the 90's.
nredinger8 months ago
This is a great idea
jkleidon8 months ago
Awesome sauce=)
Eldalote8 months ago

This is awesome!!

USAcalc1 year ago
make sure u do this with no power to the usb so u dont get shocked!!
and make sure u dont get confused between witch gum pack is witch I am sure no 1 wants to eat a flash drive instead of gum
dfalk3 years ago
Very nice! :D
Danny_Payne4 years ago
Lol, the amount of times ive had this confiscated from me at school! ;)
i love it going to go get a UBS flash drive and do this
DarthMonkey4 years ago
this may sound stupid but could it kill you?
or badly injure you because i was thinking about making one and i think i have changed my mind
=SMART= (author)  DarthMonkey4 years ago
No nothing in this instructable could kill you.

If you cut yourself with the knife it could hurt but everyone know that, the usb is totally safe it cant give you an electric shock
dude300 =SMART=4 years ago
It may give you an electric shock but its only like a static shock but like =SMART= said its not enough to kill you
Very cool. Would also look great with a juicy fruit gum wrapper.
(removed by author or community request)
calvin and hobbes rule supreme in comic land bananasz taste funny when u eat tem wit mellons
Of course!
I like it!
GAMER12005 years ago
wow. that was pretty cool. i've seen other gum USB's made, but none were as carefully made as this. other ones were just - "slide the USB into the gum wrapper". by the way, exactly what kind of EXTRA gum was that?
if u look closely on the wrapper under the word EXTRA it says sugar-free gum
with a bare usb like that, i would suggest NOT touching the circuit board. Static electricity will fry any components in it. make sure you're touching only the metal drive, or work with an anti-static mat.
yeah I think he knows , i think if he can create a usb mod he's aware of the very slight risk , i touch them all the time and they work fine , its wife tales
2 Bunny5 years ago
Nifty! I like that one!
lol, i made mine simply with 5 gum (cinnamon flavored or flame) and then just put them in with paper and added a paperclip through the side and then attached it to my necklace.
poolboss6 years ago
I built mine with just a pack of doublemint, a glue gun and a knife. Instead of using cardboar, I used the gum itself, since it would harden anyway. Gives it a realistic look of gum that's been in your pocket, and it smells like gum!! USB-minty!
m..a..g..n..u..m,n, or r....we playing scrabble?
Ok so this is one of the coolest case mods I've seen in a long time, pretty simple, and gum is something id usually carry in my pocket anyways :] nice work
xnickpyrox6 years ago
haha I did one but with a marker so i can sneak it in computers because they wont let us have them because they think well put virus's on their computer
im only replying to you to be near the top. lol (_)

this is freekin ill, but i had to use hubba bubba (my mp3 player broke and i was afraid to make it week) my one concern is someone is gonna think its actually gum and throw it away, i made this in like 10 mins(including running(literally) to the store) this is my second favorite flash drive cover (my fave is a rubber ducky, i cut off the beek and jammed in a flash drive)

good 'ible

maybe try to make a "killer bunny" after you search for the holy grail, (bonus points to anyone who knows this) tis monty pithon, know it now, its the quest for the holy grail, it owns i was totally lolin and lmbo(but)

nice ible
get a flash drive with an led, take out the led, put two red ones in it's place, and put the flash drive in a bunny. they run the leds to the eyes and add fangs.
Flumpkins6 years ago
lol cool!
ryzzey6 years ago
I did this but i added some black tape to cover the bits of cardboard inside to give it a better look :) great 'ible!!!
=SMART= (author)  ryzzey6 years ago
Awesome ! That's a good idea :D Do you have pictures ?
ryzzey =SMART=6 years ago
Yeah, does give it a nice finish. Sorry i don't have any pictures. :)
=SMART= (author)  ryzzey6 years ago
good instructable but in my school people would steal it thinking it was a flash drive, really
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