Picture of Chibi Expression Reference
Reference for chibi expressions!  

Running low on stuff to teach...  Anyone have any requests?
Kian06 days ago
Kian06 days ago
coolsista98 months ago
Could you please do an instructable about the body and/or head plz I always get it wrong!!! Thanks
Thergox1 year ago
Interesting guide! May I suggest an apparel Instructable? I've been trying to fit a fedora on a character, but it's been driving me nuts -- the stupid hat keeps looking too small for the head. . .
cynthia2901 (author)  Thergox1 year ago
I'd be more than happy to do so! I've read your PM yesterday and I was planning on starting today! I'm sorry if it feels like I'm ignoring you. It's just that I tend to reply with the uploaded link. It should be up either today or tomorrow. ^ ^
I don't feel like I'm being ignored -- I know people actually have lives out there! Thank you for taking my request!