Picture of Chic Loom Bracelet

A chic alternative a plain loom bracelet. You can either leave it plain with a chain or add a charm.

Step 1: Watch how to make it here


where did u get the gold chains from????

Mark Montano (author)  craftinglover 2 months ago
Most major craft stores have gold chain.
please do on a hook I do hook only ?????

I actually love this! I haven't really been jumping on the rainbow loom trend, but this might just get me started!

how did u get those gold things?

I like the black bands the best for guys. I made one with a big link and all black bands and it looks great.

Yeah, they look really cool! I like this "grown up" version of rainbow looming. I think I'm going to pick up a loom of my own and try it out.

Danger is my middle name made it!12 months ago

I made my own version of this and gave it as a gift at Burning Man! Instructable coming soon :)