This Neck Warmer is not only fashionably classy but also very WARM! It's made of soft fleece and is very quick to make...you can make it in an evening!

Step 1: Measure and Cut

Buy Soft fleece material about 1/2 yard of 90" width
I wanted to make one for my daughter...so i made it a bit shorter than I would for an adult. For an adult take the length you want plus add another 30" to make the ruffles.
My daughters finished neck warmer was 35" in full length. I cut  a length of 56". The width which was 8" would be fine for both an adult too. For an adult this length measurement would be fine if you don't mind the ruffles ending just above the waist. I prefer it up to the hip or just above.
As each adult will be different in height...the length too would be different..So you could either take the maximum length you have and then once you join the edges of the length you could like drape it around you and cut off the excess ( which you can use for the bow) or like i said earlier ...add 30" to the length you want for the ruffles. If you want more ruffles...then more inches! obviously ! :-D
Once you have decided the length you want...cut a rectangle...In my case i cut 16"x 56"
fold it in half so you get 8"x 56".
<p>Thank you so much for the pattern. I plan to make these. I have a 2 questions. 1. what is a Tic button? 2. Does this Tic button hold the neck warmer in place when overlapping the 2 sides?</p>
So nice. THANKS!!!
Hi there! This looks like my scarf design :D <br>I always have them available, just contact me if there isn't a listing.<br>www.nikkisic.etsy. com <br>
<p>Great! You have them knitted? I saw a girl wearing it somewhere and this is my figuring out of it. As I can't knit, I did it in fleece. Its quicker too :-)</p>
This is a very nice instructible, and a beautiful neck warmer
<p>Thank you :-)</p>
cool ..I like it
That is SOOO Cute! :) Good job Shazni! You're so creative - love your style!
Thanks! Just saw yours too...going to make some boot toppers for my daughter too! only I'm going to add it to socks :-) We hardly wear boots here . :-D
That is darling! So for an adult you would need 1/2 a yard plus 30"? Oooh, it's just so cute :)
BTW....My friend did one...so for an adult about 75&quot; -80&quot; should do. :-) let me know if you do it and how it came out :-)
well i don't know how they sell fabrics there...but for adult's too you by 1/2 yard of 90&quot; width fabric...that is the fabric i have shown....it would be perfect. just sew the the edges first...drape it around you ...if you like you could pin the ruffles before you sew it and check. This measurement makes the warmer come up to my waist. It is a real darling! :-)
lovely...i would do it with a soft materiel as where i have it's warm as it is...if i wear something in fleece...I'll boil in 2 minutes!

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