Step 3: Ruffles

To make the ruffles start from Side - 'A'
Fold down one corner about 3" and tack it under in side ' B' ( this is the back) secure it well...do it for all the ruffles you make. Tack close the 'v' point a bit. Make small pleats and secure with tacks . Stop sewing the ruffles about 1/3 of the way up. now start the other end the same way but do only one or 2 small pleats. Now drape it around your model or dummy and  mark where to make the pleats around the neck...It should be slightly down on the sides of the neck...check picture. Now pleat it length width wise and sew a couple of machine stitches across to secure it. Drape it across your model and pin where the bow would come. Also mark where you would want the press buttons to be ( this is how the warmer will be fixed around your neck securely so get nice strong tic buttons.  Sew in the Tic buttons underneath and now make your bow.