Step 4: Bow.

Picture of Bow.
2012-11-23 19.53.10.jpg
2012-11-23 19.53.32.jpg
2012-11-23 20.02.15.jpg
2012-11-23 19.55.59.jpg
2012-11-23 20.06.31.jpg
Cut 2 rectangles about 51/2" x 10"...place right side facing each other and sew right round except leave a small gap to turn it inside out. Turn it inside out and tack it close. Now sew right round with a 1/2" border. Find the center and make small pleats and pass a needle through and pull...now tack it in and secure it well. Make a button with some scrap fabric....I made mine in size 32.  Now secure it to the bow.
Now secure the bow to the warmer below the neck ...check the picture for the appropriate place. There you are done!
I did it in off white so that she can wear it with many clothes...but bright colors will look lovely too!