Chic Shimmery Nails Using Eyeshadow!





Introduction: Chic Shimmery Nails Using Eyeshadow!

About: I'm a girly girl that's remarkable different and am currently obsessed with finding ways to 1) be glamorous in a sustainable and eco-friendly way 2) creatively repurpose everyday items like cardboard, plast...

Yay! Nail glamour for dummies. Use some loose mineral pigment or old eye shadow to spice up your nail polish and create some lovely shimmery and holographic sort of color effects. This manicure takes about 10 minutes to pull off too and is really simple. 

Step 1 - apply base coat
Step 2 - apply color coat
Step 3 - brush on powder
Step 4 - brush on clear top coat to seal in. 

Tada! Glam fingers FTW :D 

Enjoy and thanks for watching - more beauty, style, and girly awesomeness to come. Oh and feel free to check my website for cheapo resources for this look :) 



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