Finished product

Supplies needed:

Toy bat is at hobby lobby
eBay strip leds
12v 1amp power supplies
1/4 cast acrylic

Machines used:
Table saw
Laser engraving machine
Soldering iron

Step 1: The Bats

After I cut them flat on one side with the table saw, I route a slot in every bat. I then laser engrave it. I use a 1/4 inch bit.

Step 2: Leds

Cheap eBay non water proof led strips.

After I solder the power supply wires to it, I shove the leds into the slot.

Step 3: Cast Acrylic

1/4 cast acrylic isnused. I laser engrave the image onto the acrylic. 200mm/s 25% power.

Step 4: Assemble

Pretty much all is left is just pressing the acrylic into the the slot and plugging it in.

Thanks for watching!

Go higher in wattage the diode lasers won't cut acrylic. 40w engravers cost around $400
Do you recommend any particular usb/affordable engraving machine? Many on Amazon with good reviews also have very few reviews. I've been wanting one in the $100-175 range and this project would be a great excuse to finally purchase

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