Chicago Cubs Lighted Led Bat Sign





Introduction: Chicago Cubs Lighted Led Bat Sign

Finished product

Supplies needed:

Toy bat is at hobby lobby
eBay strip leds
12v 1amp power supplies
1/4 cast acrylic

Machines used:
Table saw
Laser engraving machine
Soldering iron

Step 1: The Bats

After I cut them flat on one side with the table saw, I route a slot in every bat. I then laser engrave it. I use a 1/4 inch bit.

Step 2: Leds

Cheap eBay non water proof led strips.

After I solder the power supply wires to it, I shove the leds into the slot.

Step 3: Cast Acrylic

1/4 cast acrylic isnused. I laser engrave the image onto the acrylic. 200mm/s 25% power.

Step 4: Assemble

Pretty much all is left is just pressing the acrylic into the the slot and plugging it in.

Thanks for watching!



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    2 Discussions

    Go higher in wattage the diode lasers won't cut acrylic. 40w engravers cost around $400

    Do you recommend any particular usb/affordable engraving machine? Many on Amazon with good reviews also have very few reviews. I've been wanting one in the $100-175 range and this project would be a great excuse to finally purchase