Chick Cake Pops with Bonnets

Picture of Chick Cake Pops with Bonnets
With their flower-studded bonnets and rosey cheeks, these chick cake pops will be the most fashionable treats at any Easter table. And just imagine the stunning Easter basket you can create with a few of these chick cake pops nestled in a pile of Easter grass sprinkled with jelly beans. Everyone knows that chicks rule and these cake pops prove it!
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Step 1:

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It is best to make these chick cake pops using light-colored cake. If your cake is a dark color, it may show through the yellow candy coating. For a recipe and step-by-step directions for making cheesecake-flavored cake pops that will work perfectly, check out How To Make Cake Pops With Unique Flavors.

Step 2: Supplies for Making Chick Cake Pops

Picture of Supplies for Making Chick Cake Pops
To make chick cake pops with bonnets, you will need:
• Chilled cake pops in a light color, made from your favorite cake pop recipe
• Yellow candy coating
• Orange and yellow M&M's Minis
• Orange leaf or star-shaped sprinkles
• Black confetti sprinkles
• A pair of food-safe tweezers
• Pink luster dust (optional, for rosey cheeks)
• Black gel food coloring (optional, for facial features)
• A small food-safe paint brush (optional, for facial features)
• A styrofoam block or cake pop stand
cyprianja1 year ago

Oh wowo looks so fun! :D

Awww! Those are so cute!
That is so adorable and sounds very tasty!
Thanks, Penolopy! The cheesecake flavored cake pops were tasty indeed!