Jersey Belle, my Boston Terrier, is named after a cow, due to her coloration.  :)  So I thought it would be appropriate to finally dress her as one!  Plus, she loves chicken, so it has to be fate.  

Step 1: Needs

Pink fabric for the udders.
Khaki fabric for the hooves.
White fabric for the tail.
Black fabric for the tail hair.
Sewing supplies.
A cow bell.
Poster board or foam core board.
A $1 cow nose from Party City.
Sharpie, black paint.
It great! All I want to know is, does the dog find it uncomfortable? Especially the nose. I just want to know :)
This is "udderly" adorable!
So life like
So cute
Brilliant. So cute. If only my cats would sit still enough for me to dress them.
Wow, what a great job! Nostrils are so real I thought it was a Photoshop montage! A++!
OH-MY- GAWD...OH-MAH-GAWD...OH moo gawd!!! I love bostons, and you have got the best little trooper ever! Something about the way the nose and the little expression in the eyes of your precious pooch made me seriously crack up! I can just hear your words of encouragement," oohhhh, who's a pretty puppy...aren't you so pretty...just look at you?!!.." your puppies face, is probably like the same face the emperor and his court made from the children's book,"the emperor's got no clothes!!!"hahahaahha! priceless!
Too cute!
I wonder if there is a place in the hereafter where our pets get back at us for doing these things to them. This poor baby...I can't stop laughing....but then I look at her poor little innocent face and think...omg...I've done things like that to my dogs too....forgive me! <br>
That's just to cute!!
Wow! you have quite a few pets and all our stuff for them is AWESOME!! i wish my parents trusted me more then i could get that cat and fish and Lizard (i had a lizard but it died ='( ) but cat and fish don't really fix =( and i always wanted a Hawk and a wolf the wolf could walk beside me as the Hawk land on my arm and then i say &quot;sick em&quot; and the go like CAWCOW! and BARK BARK!! and then my emimies would back off!! MUHAHAHHAHAH lol im not kiding -.- lol
That is so cute! <br>
LOL. That is hilarious! I love it!
hahahaha what a great costume idea
I could not stop laughing! Nice job! You must have the most laid back dog in the world, I'm impressed!
So amazing! Very creative!
This is awesome! <br />And you have the most patient and adorable dogs on the planet. :)
so cute!!!!
Loved! I hope that my dogs also love ... Doing this in 3,2,1 ...
I like how your dog is supervising your sewing, and that udder is hilarious!
That IS very cute. You are lucky to have such a co-operative dog. I know of quite a few that would have a lot of difficulty accepting most of the costume, but the hooves would have driven them a little batty :-)
GREAT! Love how the little one is helping! <br>GREAT job! <br>5 Stars!
lol that is awesome! So cute
I love this! Your dog is a good sport!
thank you! :D and she is! haha
That is so cute!!

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