Introduction: Chicken!

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Using the program Processing, we create a drwaing machine.
We used keyboard´s keys so the program could react as we wish.

Step 1: Drawing Machine

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I had to think what I wanted to paint.
I choose to paint eggs, in different wasys. Some eggs would be drawn with the program, and others would be immages that would appear as we pressed different keys.

Step 2: Code

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I design first the code of what I wanted to be seen.

Step 3: Images

Picture of Images

Here are some images that you can see as you move the object and it begins to draw

Step 4: More Images

Picture of More Images

Here are more images of what you can find in this exercise

Step 5: Switch

Picture of Switch

Keys were transformed into mercury switches that where activated as you move the prototipe.

Step 6: Functioning

Picture of Functioning

Now we can see a video where I show how does it work.

Step 7: Video

Picture of Video

Here´s another little video of how it works

Step 8: Images

Picture of Images

more images of my prototipe


DrWeird117 (author)2008-10-17

I'm more of a &quote;beef&quote; man

noahh (author)2007-07-28

I dont get it.

Jesus10555 (author)2006-10-05

What exactly does this do?

latobada (author)2006-06-03

alot more explanation about it plz. very hard to understand overall.

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