We recently acquired a rooster (cockerel), he was on death row as his old family were emigrating , we named him Duke (after John Wayne who played Rooster Cogburn in True Grit)

He is quite large, and the only house we had available for him at night was, lets say , a bit snug. He likes his own space away from the girls, so it was time to build him some better accommodation.

Almost everything is this project was either recycled. left over from other jobs or found in scrap bins.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

2x2 timber

Chop saw




Measuring tape


Roofing Iron

Chicken wire

Ply for floor

Cedar Tongue and Groove

Screws Various


Scrap Steel for Roof Ridge

Scrap Angle Aluminium

I love that this was all made out of scraps! I love to "dumpster dive"! Great job!
Thanks I love to recycle
keep an eye out for junk push mowers for good cheap plastic wheels. great project.
<p>Thanks, good idea, free is always best! ;-)</p>

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