Chicken Bamboo(Ayam Pansuh)





Introduction: Chicken Bamboo(Ayam Pansuh)

***Chicken in Bamboo or usually know as "Ayam Pansuh" is exotic food that very popular in Sarawak,Malaysia.COME VISIT MALAYSIA TO TASTE THE REAL AYAM PANSUH(CHICKEN IN BAMBOO)***

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Step 1: Prepare the Ingredients

-1/2 kg chicken


-Red Onion

-White Onion

-Lemon Grass

-Cassava Leaves


-Bamboo(choose the right bamboo)

Step 2: The Ingredients and the Chicken

-Mashed the onion, garlic ,ginger and lemon grass together.

-After the ingredients had been mashed together, mix it with the chicken.

-After the chicken done, put it inside the bamboo that you prepare. Please make sure the bamboo was clean before use it.

-Use the cassava leaves on the top of the bamboo.

-Cooked over an open fire about an half an hours.

Please feel free to ask me if u have a question about that exotic food.

Check this link out to know more how to make it.



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    if little ground nut oil is applied, that bamboo chicken will be fentastic. excellent aroma, fragile and exquisite taste

    Sounds good, but how can you get the bamboo in the US?

    Just looking for it :) or visit Malaysia..Feel it..

    This looks really interesting, but I don't think "Vegetarian and Vegan" is the right place for it!

    which is "the right" bamboo?. By the way, great instructable.