I was soooo happy to see the Indian food contest, finally I was inspired to cook my favorite dish , chicken biryani with egg bhuna. There is a number of chicken biryani recipes but I've chosen my favorite one and hope you like! So, don't wait, gather all the ingredients and start cooking :)

Step 1: Ingredients

To make this chicken biryani dish, you'll need (For a dish of 4-5):
1) Rice (basmati rice or pilau rice), - 1.5 cup,
2) Chicken - 500 grams,
3) Onion - 2, large size,
4) Tomato - 2, medium size,
5) Ginger paste and garlic paste - (1 tsp, each),
6) Spice powder (turmeric powder, red chilli powder, coriander powder) - 1 tsp each,
7) Garam masala- half tsp,
8) Yogurt - half cup,
9) Milk or coconut milk- half cup,
10) Cardamom, cinnamon and bay leaf - (2 pieces each),
11) Salt (to taste),
12) Soybean oil - 4 tbsp.

(The dish I cooked was for 10, but the ible (recipe) I wrote is to serve 4-5 persons)

mmmmmmm,looks delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Congratulation Muhaiminah! <br>Stars are working for you!! <br>Sad I am unable to do any Ible until mid sep as on holidays .
Thank you Ayesha! <br>I'm sure you'll be back with some amazing fun projects :) best wishes.
Congrats for winning! :)
Thanks! congrats to you as well :)
Beautiful work!
Thank you bajablue :)
congratulations for winning :)
Thanks buddy :)
Congratulations for winning the first prize!!! I am so happy for you!
Thank you very much Linda! :)
Congrats! :D
Thanks! :D
Congratulations for being in the finals! :D
Thank you!
Yayy!! We are the finalists :)
Very happy and excited!
We won the first prize. Consider this reward for your studies :) Be Happy.
Thank you so much, can't be happier :D Congrats to you too.
my favorite dish! thanks for sharing.
You're welcome!
my mouth is watering!! I eat Indian food at least once a week and this would fit nicely in my weekly meal plan :) Thank you for this lovely recipe!!
Thank you Annie! biryani is a very delicious dish. glad to know you like the recipe :)
Sundenly I am so hungry...yum yum. I love chicken biryani :) and this seems delicious.
Ohww, it's my fav too, thanks. I hope you're up for the Indian cuisine contest as well :) can't wait to see yours!
:) Yes, I am selecting few options for the recipes :)
thank you so much Muhaiminah!!! this looks so delicious!!! <br>and tarun, i'm so looking forward to making all of the dishes from both of ya!! =)
No problem! glad to know you like it :)
Yummy for sure!
Thank you atehzab!
nice one.. enter this in Indian Cuisine contest
Thank you sir! I have entered this ible in Indian Cuisine contest, eagerly waiting to see your recipe :)

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