Chicken Bomb - Minecraft PE


Introduction: Chicken Bomb - Minecraft PE

Step 1: Build a Tower

Build a tower. It doesn't matter what blocks you use, or the height, but make it pretty tall.

Step 2: Floating Block

Break all the blocks except for the top one.

Step 3: Spawn Chickens

Spawn a ton of chickens on the floating block. They will all stay clumped up in a ball on the top. Be sure that you click on the corner of the block to spawn them, and don't click the chickens or else they will explode.

Step 4: Break the Block

Break the block but be careful not to touch the chickens.

Step 5: Boom!

They will float down in a clump and when they hit the ground they'll explode.

Step 6: Other Stuff

You can also hit them or shoot them with a bow while they are on the block or floating down. Sadly this only works with chickens.

Step 7: Pest Extermination

If you don't want a bunch of chickens lagging up your world, gather them up with seeds and then place some lava. They will all die.



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    How did you get a superflat world on mcpe? I heard the update with superflat terrain generation isn't coming out for a while.

    2 replies

    what's the seed? v.0.12.1

    It's come out in the new update


    hahahahahahahaha lol

    you can also do fire works by building up fences and spawning any egg but don't hit the mob! then place TNT one fence down from were you spawned you mobs then light the TNT and go to the ground and boom! red fire works.

    I tried it, it worked! I like the part where you get to burn the chickens, and if you hold the seeds down on an two adult chickens, you can breed them.

    Cool. I'll take a look

    You can download super flat worlds online and install them to mcpe via this software calle iexplorer.