Desi Pomqueen residing at Canine Palace has acquired a pizza and beer palate, (pun intended) challenging the chef de cuisine to go to extreme measures to resolve the issue. The Queen had taken ill because of her diet and has agreed to sample his new Pollo En Fricase "Chicken Bone Casserole." The dish passed the scrutiny of the queen, hence this tutorial.

If your King or Queen are having eating disorders, jumping black spots, or skunk breath caused by bad eating habits, then this tutorial could offer simple solutions. It will provide remedies that are healthy for your king or queen and are safe for the kingdom in which they reside.

Step 1: Recipe

Pollo en Fricase "chicken bone casserole" 
  • Save the bones from all your chicken.
  • Place them in a container and freeze them until you have enough to cook in a slow cooker or stock pot.
  • When you have acquired enough cook them in water for several hours.
  • Check them after several hours by squishing them between your fingers.  
  • If they are completely soft with no hard or sharp pieces they are ready.
  • Spoon them out into a strainer and leave alone until they are well drained.
  • Pour them out on a plate and mush them making sure there are no hard or sharp pieces.
  • Cool them and then put 2-3 days supply into plastic bags or glass containers and freeze them until needed.
You can store 2-3 days servings of the chicken broth the same way, or freeze them together after the bones have been thoroughly checked for hard or sharp pieces.  I do not use the casserole for their main diet.  I use it to flavor their food.  

Your fur-baby is a beautiful girl!<br><br>My fur-baby has digestion issues that the Vets cannot figure out. <br><br>Extensive tests show that everything is supposedly &quot;normal&quot; but ever since she was treated for bladder stones last Fall, she is almost skin-and-bones despite eating like a horse!<br><br>I give her pumpkin, yogurt and bananas daily. I've tried all the special foods but I haven't found anything to put weight on her. (She would eat bananas all day long if she could.)<br><br>Thank You SO much for posting this, sunshiine. It never even occured to me to feed her soft-cooked Chicken bones. It must have a lot of nutrients, especially calcium, so it's worth a try. <br><br>I've got a big batch simmering in my crockpot right now. It should be ready by morning, I would think. <br><br>GREAT IBLE!!! Thank you again!!!!
You are certainly welcome! Yes I think this just might be your answer! It is loaded with nutrition. I think that is one of the reasons chicken soup is so good for a winter cold. The nutrition from cooking the chicken bones to make the broth! <br><br>Not only that the dogs love it! Desi never liked the expensive dog food but I never backed down on that because cheap dog food is so bad. When we started taking care of my mother-in-law she was convinced Desi was starving so she fed her table scraps for 10 years even though I begged her not to. <br><br>Now my girl would starve if I did not do something. My sister began making all her dog food so I thought I would give it a try. Now she eats the expensive stuff that is healthier because I add the bone meal to it. She leaves nothing behind. <br><br>She still does the give me a snack stance though. But she is a happy girl. <br><br>Thanks for commenting and please let me know how this works for your baby.
I would give her some broth with it because the body will digest them easier and she might get a little more benefit from it. I am not sure how much or if it will give diarrhea or not. Just play around with it. Hope it makes her feel better.
Definitely agree about clicker training! :) I like making my dogs broth but never fed the bones before. I'll give this a try. Thanks for the tutorial. Enjoyed all the pics.
Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you do try this as the dogs love it! Have a great weekend! <br>sunshiine
The pets look so happy :)<br>Good luck .
Thanks so much Mary! They all are happy and spoiled! Not all are mine but they are all family members spoiled to the bone! Have a splendorous day!
The vote is in.... Paris gives your Chicken Bone Recipe 2 paws up!<br><br>I was amazed at how soft the bones got... even the ball joints. It was so easy to squeeze the nutritious marrow out.<br><br>Thanks to you... I will never toss chicken bones in the trash again!
Thanks for your reply! So happy to hear she loved them! What a beautiful name for a Queen! I love it! She is very beautiful.
Aw... she'll be delighted to hear you called her a &quot;Queen&quot;. Up until now, she's only been a &quot;Princess&quot;. ;-)
Thanks! She is a pretty little queen!
Thanks! Hopefully you will be on your way to making your very own Creme de menthe, with a touch of Ale!

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