this is my chicken coop, designed off of the plans by jrossetti.  The original instructable is called:
"A Small Chicken Tractor for the City Dweller" or something like that.
Nice chicken coop. I need one but some are not very easy to move
NathanaelScheffler (author) 4 years ago
here is the link to the plans:

it's been removed :(
Can you move it about? Easily?
yes, the coop has caster wheels on one side and handles on the other side. If you want to see the full instructable that I got the plans to build this coop from, look at jrossetti 's "small chicken tractor for the city dweller". The instructable has very detailed plans, but I found some of the measurments were off very slightly. Also, our coop is quite a bit heavier than their design because we have a solid metal roof.
Yeah, after more than a year of use, the PVC roofing I used on mine is starting to look like an old floppy hat, and I've been considering replacing it with a metal roof like yours.
NathanaelScheffler (author)  jrossetti4 years ago
we got the metal for the roof for free from my uncle.
NathanaelScheffler (author) 4 years ago
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