Chicken Coop (Can Hold Up to 5)


Introduction: Chicken Coop (Can Hold Up to 5)

Looking to make a chicken coop for just a few chickens? If so this is the plan for you. My dad and I built this chicken coop over a weekend... We drew up the plans and built it... Hope it works for you enjoy

Step 1: Frame

We actually made to different frames and then put them together... The next 2 steps break them down...

Step 2: Frame 1 (main Coop

For the main coop you will need (10) 2x4x6 and (5) 2x4x8.... You first cut 4) 2x4x6 down to 5ft theses are your for main post... You then attach them to 4) 2x4x8 you should now have 2 frames they both should look like a rectangle with 2 legs. Next you attach the two frames with 2)2x4x6 witch need to be cut down to 3ft each... You should now have the full first frame but without the roof... With the other 2)2x4x6 you new to cut out 4) 1.5ft pieces you need to cut down on them at a 45* angle when you put two together it should make a right angle one you have two of them you need to attach them to the frame... And the use your last 2x4x8 to run across the roof like from the top of one of the rafters (triangles) to the other...

Step 3: Frame 2

This second Fran is quite simple all you need is 4) 2x4x10. 4) 2x4x8 and 4) 2x4x6 first you cut down 4) 2x4x6 to 4ft... all you do is assemble them into a rectangular prism the deminsions should be 10x8x4 ft (length x width x height)

Step 4: Bringing the Frames Together

Now just simply attach the two frames (coop) (run) together...

Step 5: Finishing Up

For the main coop we used 3/8 inch thick ply wood to cover the inclosed coop part and painted for the open run part use chicken wire to cover sides and top of it with the roof over the coop we jut attached tin...

Step 6: Complete

You can finish by painting to coop or just leaving it wood either way this will make a great coop you your chickens



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    You can't see she roost from the view on the inside but we use 1in pvc pipe and attached it for the roost

    P.S. Looks nice! though. A good website for all things chicken is

    2"x4" lumber seems like way overbuilding!! You should be able to make a coop this small with 2"x2"--maybe a couple extra braces on the sides for your long runs, and a corner, and/or cross brace here and there. Also, where's the chicken's roost? You need a 2"x2" with rounded edges for the hens to sit on at night to roost. They'll need about a foot of space each so they have room to spread out a bit on warm nights.. . . .I don't know where you live.

    Here are some o the inside and laying area still can't find any I its construction

    15, 2:03 PM.jpg15, 2:03 PM.jpg15, 2:03 PM.jpg15, 2:03 PM.jpg

    Nice coop. If you have any more pictures of the construction process, it will really help people follow along.

    1 reply

    Yea sorry about that I've been trying o find some pictures to add to it...