Chicken Coop From Scratch





Introduction: Chicken Coop From Scratch

I made this coop for six chickens. It has two roosts inside, and five nesting boxes. (One of my chickens is a rooster.) I made a water guard for the lid of the nesting box by using some vapor barrier and caulking.

The dimensions are 7' 3" x 4' 8.5". The roof has a six inch overhang on the sides, and an eight inch overhang on the front and back. It has insulation, drip edge, flashing and shingles. I also added a plug in for a water heater and light in the winter.

It has .75" plywood on the outside and .375" plywood on the inside. I should have used .375" plywood on the lid, it is heavy! I insulated the lid with 2" Styrofoam.

I used old plywood for the outside from a shed.

It just needs to be painted, maybe white or red.

You don't want to make the window any smaller, because they need it vented in there. and I put chicken wire in the window and propped it open all the way. I also drilled a hole in the little door, and put chicken wire over that too. This creates perfect ventilation. This is an absolute MUST, because without it, the chickens might breathe in the ammonia from their droppings and get lung damage. It is also good to clean out the droppings, but you still need good vents.

The skids on the bottom make it portable, and also keep the untreated bottom from touching the ground. I used 6" lag screws to bolt them on from the top.

I entered this instructable in the Outdoor Structures contest, please vote for it if you like it!

Step 1: Here Are Some of the Chickens!

The first one is Honey, the second is Pepper, and the third and fourth ones are of Copper the Rooster!



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Hello everyone, just an update. I have used the electricity, it works great. the chickens have evened out on the nesting boxes, and we now have nine chickens. We have a new rooster, a white one.

How big are yr egg boxes? (maybe I missed it in the text). Need to make some but not sure how much space a hen needs

my nesting boxes are about 8" wide. If they are too wide, the chickens will all try to go into one. They all still fight over one although I have 5! Good luck!

tnx. I have 3 young hens with4 eggs still waiting to hatch, so i could end up with 7 hens or with 3. I better plan for some space

one good thing to know is when you make the coop, it doesn't really matter what size, but how big the roost is. But, if you don't have an outdoor run, the coop needs to be bigger. My run is about 20'x20' with 7 hens and a rooster. They love to scratch, even if there is no grass!

Looks great. I am no expert on raising chicken but there are people who say that you shld never put a lamp in your chicken coop for fear of getting a fire and that chicken actually can survive a winter in there (depends on where you live of course)

Yes, that is true that chickens can survive without heat. I just used it to hook up a fan in it when I painted it. also, when chicks are still little, they do need heat. Thanks for the comment!

I forgot to say, the light is not for heat, but to simate sun. chickens do not lay as many eggs in the winter due to it being cloudy all day. the water heater is probably a must, though.

yes water heater quite essential :-)

nice project.

i just want to know, how you remove turd or do this have any system to remove turd.