There are many PVC chicken feeders out there.. what is unique about ours? It is simple and inexpensive and it works great!

Initially we built a feeder with a Y at the bottom that feed both left and right- but it kept getting clogged. We found this design to work the best.

We also have a YouTube video showing this here:


Step 1: Parts and Cut

The plan is very simple as seen in the drawing above. Consider purchasing THINWALL PVC. For me it was about half the cost and more than strong enough for this purpose.

The parts:

  1. 10 feet of 4 inch thinwall PVC
  2. 1, 4 inch thinwall PVC 90 Degree Elbow
  3. 2, 4 inch thinwall PVC Cap

Measure the area you plan to place the feeder. My feeder was 53 inches high by 24 inches for the feeding area. So I made two cuts into the 10 foot piece of PVC. You can use a hacksaw or a sawzall. I used the sawzall.

<p>This is awesome!</p>
<p>About how far above the floor of the pen should the horizontal section be placed to keep the chickens from fouling it? </p>
<p>It really depends on your setup. We have it off a few inches and seems to be OK. In the summer we have this one outside the pen and it works well there- a few inches off the ground. </p>
<p>This is great! I can't wait to see what other projects you share! </p>
<p>Thank you. We have more projects coming up.. building a chair from a log next!</p>
<p>I can't wait you have some good ideas</p>
<p>Great job on the project and welcome to Instructables!!!</p>
perfect timing, I've been putting off upgrading our feeder, imma do this on the weekend. thanks for sharing.

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